S/S 08 Thoughts pt.2: The Sisters

I noticed that Rodarte was placed among the top 10 collections on style.com. The site isn't Vogue and does not represent an official opinion of that publication, but it can be assumed that Anna and friends approve. Rodarte has been interesting to watch every season. They came out with a bold claim on what the artistry of couture technique could do to make appealing clothes. It's a very Parisian attitude, very old world couture, and I'm sure this is why Anna is so taken with the two sisters' work.

There was a time that Courreges and Cardin would be lauded for producing the most inaccessible garments, walking sculpture and what not. It was ridiculous but it was so popular and supported by an enthralled fashion audience. An idea of something being otherworldly, beyond the earth and among the heavens. Alien and oddness taken as a merit. A first true sign of post-modernism in fashion, if I risk sounding trite. Of course it was all supported, all their costumery I mean, by their amazing craft and couture methods. Rodarte works with this otherworldly feeling but with a confectioner's touch. It's as sweet as most people can conceive. Wonderful that a potent creative force is working to show off the appeal of exquisitely made clothes. Sometimes it feels like that kind of appeal is gone is from fashion. But, for as odd as Cardin could be, it was always chic. I hope the sisters realize this soon.