Before you guffaw or immediately invalidate my ideas please take a deep breath, relax, and contemplate the history of fashion for the last 50 years. Quite a big change yes? Lots of ups and downs, some periods we'd all rather forget. Now consider the last 500 years and nothing in the last half century seem all that bad.

Alright, are you ready for what I have to say? Ok...

the 80's power look is back:

People always say the 80's are here and are never going away lamenting the continuous return of retro style, this kind of observation is akin to saying that Asian food is in is and never going away. Do they mean Thai? Do they mean Korean, Vietnamese, or Indonesian? Sushi? The spectrum of culinary opportunities across the the Pacific and Indian oceans are just as wide as the hodgepodge style dictum that made up the 80's. For every look there was a counter look, for every culture there was a counter-culture, the possibility for contemporary rejuvenation is endless. With the current vulgarity in mainstream women's fashion is it any surprise that designers are finding these particular inspirations relevant?

My personal experience with 80's fashion is limited to a few movies (Working Girl, Pretty Woman) and leftovers in my mother's wardrobe during the early 90's. I never knew the decade well enough to hold either nostalgia or resentment towards it, instead I find a romance of the future and an idea of a time that was and what could be.

images from top to bottom:
Prada, Narciso Rodriguez, Haider Ackerman, Calvin Klein, Max Mara, Alexander Wang, Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs, Bruno Pieters, Marni, Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, Yves St. Laurent

fall 2008 RTW from style. com